August 2015: Bernadette Chantengo

August 2015: Bernadette Chantengo

Bernadette Chantengo  wins $1,000 in Measure C Carpool Program

$500 winners are Laura Moreno and Renee Medina

The Measure C Carpool Program $1000 winner for July 2015 was Bernadette Chantengo.  Bernadette qualified for the $1,000 cash prize by registering and participating in Measure C’s Carpool Program that is available to all Fresno County residents.

A $1,000 cash prize incentive will continue to be given away once a month, with 2 additional $500 prizes through the duration of the program, so don’t forget to submit your logs!


$200 Amazon G/C -Perfect Tech Package – Yeriel DeJesus
$200 Amazon G/C -Perfect Tech Package – Danny Dibayantoro
$100 Applebee’s G/C- $100 G/C -Perfect Tech Package – Kirk Utterback
$100 Cheese cake Factory G/C -$100 Arco G/C- Perfect Tech Package – Javier Vitela
$200 ITunes G/C- Perfect 10 Package – Shannon Welch
$200 Lowes G/C- Perfect 10 Package – Ronnete Whitaker
$100 Olive Garden -$100 Arco G/C – Perfect 10 Package – Ganna Monastyrsky
$100 Red Lobster G/C -$100 Arco G/C -Perfect 10 Package – Jirelesa Montoya
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