Carpooling in the  San Joaquin Valley, also known as ride-sharing can save you big bucks on gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, oil resources and reduces the nasty environmental impact associated with driving.

When you drive to work, are you alone or do you have room for other passengers? Have you ever noticed how many others around you are driving on their own too?  Millions of us engage in solitary travel to and from work; driving billions of miles each year, spending a stack of cash on gas and pumping tons of emissions into the atmosphere.

If you are the sort who likes to talk, and you can find even two other people that you like most of the time, a daily carpool can be a really good way to get some social time in. You’ll learn useful information from your fellow carpoolers, like good restaurants, great places to shop, fun events and more. In our hurried modern world many people have found that while they first hated the idea of sharing space in a car with people they didn’t know, over a few weeks they came to really like and care about their fellow travelers. They looked forward to their time to catch up.


First, register with the carpool database to receive a free, computerized match list of other commuters you may be able to carpool with. The list you receive will have the names and emails/phone numbers of people who live by you, work by you, and have a similar schedule. Next, email or call the people on your list to talk about setting up a carpool. You might meet over coffee or a lunch break to work out the details. Each carpool is as individual as its carpoolers. You decide how you want your group to operate.

We’ll even provide you with an list of questions to ask such as:  Carpooling Tips

  • Who drives when?
  • Pick-up and drop-off points?
  • How long do we wait if someone is late?
  • How much should each person pay? 




It’s done all the time. If you don’t have a car, just find a driver or carpool group that will let you chip in your share of gas and maintenance costs in exchange for a ride. Many people have vehicles but need someone to split expenses with them.


At one time or another, almost everyone has to leave work early due to an unexpected emergency. Your company may have or want to develop an Emergency Ride Home program to deal with this situation. Some employers keep vehicles available or offer a rental car or a taxi. You might be able to catch a ride with another employee leaving at a similar time. You should always be aware of your options in case of a family emergency or unexpected overtime.

If you are in a vanpool that is registered with the Measure C Vanpool Program, an Emergency Ride Home Program is already available to you. Check with the company you lease your van from to make sure they are registered with the program. More information on it is available at this link.


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