How winners are chosen

How monthly and Grand Prize winners are chosen:

(Updated October 2017)

Each time a Commute Log Report (CLR) is submitted electronically through by a registered participant, the CLR is assigned a number by a computer program. The numbers are assigned consecutively by date and time submitted. Those numbered log submissions are stored in our database. The more CLRs someone submits, the more opportunities they have to win one of the monthly or a year-end Grand Prizes. Each participant has the same number of potential log submissions as anyone else throughout the year.

When it is time to select a monthly  or year end Grand Prize winner, (for monthly winners, it’s the first of the month) we select the correct date parameters we want a winner for. (i.e., for logs submitted within a given month, “July 2017” or for the Grand Prize Giveaway for logs submitted throughout that entire fiscal year). The computer system then randomly generates the winning commute log(s).  The winning commute log number is then used to identify the associated carpool participant who submitted it. Measure C Carpool staff then verifies the commute log as well as the participant and information submitted- the participant’s employer, list of carpool partners, etc.

~PLEASE~ we cannot honor winners with incomplete accounts or incorrect contact information. Update your account information right away to verify that all requested information is complete.

Each month 500-900+ CLRs are generated through the system. The selection process is fair, anonymous, affordable and efficient.

 Employees of the Jeffrey Scott Agency, Fresno County Transportation Authority, Measure C staff, and their immediate families are not allowed to participate in the Measure C Carpool Program.