Incentives to Carpool


Carpooling, also known as ride-sharing can save you big bucks on gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, oil resources and helps to reduce  the associated nasty environmental impact associated with driving. But wait, there’s more!.. Thanks to the Measure C Carpool Incentive Program, you could win one of our monthly cash and or additional prizes for carpooling at least twice a week with at least one other person to work or school! Each eligible entry, or log submission, also qualifies participants for the annual Grand Prize Drawings,  held every year full of  fabulous prize packages! More on Measure C Carpool

Emergency Ride Home Programs

At one time or another, almost everyone has to leave work early due to an unexpected emergency. Your company may have or want to develop an Emergency Ride Home program to deal with this situation. Some employers keep vehicles available or offer a rental car or a taxi. You might be able to catch a ride with another employee leaving at a similar time. You should always be aware of your options in case of a family emergency or unexpected overtime. If you are in a vanpool that is registered with the Measure C Vanpool Program, an Emergency Ride Home Program is already available to you. Check with the company you lease your van from to make sure they are registered with the program. More information on it is available at this link.