May 2017 Grand Prize Giveaway Winners

May 2017 Grand Prize Giveaway Winners

Thank you for joining us to celebrate the 8th Annual Measure C Grand Prize Giveaway!

Listed below are the winners of our $1,500 Visa Gift Card Shopping Sprees

Pre-selected Winners:

1. Jennifer Maul, 2. David McDonough, 3. Daniel Meek, 4. Teresa Ochoa, 5.  Diseree Gomez,    6.Baldev Randhawa, 7. Susan Greathouse

Must Be Present Winners:

1. Christine Huckabay, 2. Rose Vue, 3. Darren Huckabay, 4. Matthew Kistanto 5. Margarita Macias,   6. Delia Rendon, 7. Brad Schwegel

Travel Vouchers Winners (Must Be Present) :

$3,000 Theresa Pike    $6,000 Roger Medina