Park & Ride Locations

Caltrans provides park-and-ride facilities within Fresno County. Each site offers secure parking in a lighted environment. You may chose to meet your carpool partners at one of these locations: (click here for map)

Lot #
Post Mile
Facility Name
1 Fresno 168 T32.8 Lodge Road At the T intersection of Route 168 and Lodge Road, NE of Clovis 27
11 Fresno 168 31.2 Auberry Road Northeast corner of the T intersection of Route 168 and Auberry Road 15
14 Fresno 168 R9.1 Temperance Northwest quadrant of Route 168 and Temperance Ave. 110
  Fresno     Coalinga Coalinga near intersection of State Route 198 and State Route 33  
3 Kern 58 R59.4 Weepatch Hwy (NW) Northwest quadrant of SR 184 interchange near Bakersfield 18
4 Kern 58 R59.4 Weedpatch Hwy (SE) Southeast quadrant of SR 184 interchange near Bakersfield 18
5 Kern 99 23.9 Stockdale South side of Stockdale Hwy between Real Rd and SR 99 in Bakersfield 49
6 Kern 119 2.2 Ford City Just south of Harrison Street intersection, 1.4 mile north of Taft 22
8 Kern 155 R70.8 Lake Isabella Northwest quadrant of SR 178 interchange at Lake Isabella 11
10 Kern 99 54.5 Delano Wollomes in Delano, part of airport parking lot 25
2 Kings 43 22.3 Hanford 10th Avenue intersection 37
7 Madera 41 9.3 Madera Southwest corner of SR 145 intersection 17
12 Madera 41 1.5 Rolling Hills North of Avenue 10 on Old Route 41 61
13 Madera 41 17.9 O’Neals Southeast corner Road 200 intersection 33

Many carpoolers also set up informal park-and-ride lots at shopping malls or other central locations where there is a large parking lot with plenty of vacant parking spaces on most days of the year. It is best to contact the organization that manages the lot to get their approval before you start using the lot.