Public Transit

Using public transit means less time fighting traffic and more time relaxing. During the trip to work you can focus on other things such as the newspaper, a good book or work notes. Commute time becomes your personal time!

Buses run regularly during the workweek. If your work site is located near a bus stop, chances are that you could commute on the bus regularly. Leaving your car at home saves you money and helps to improve the air quality in the San Joaquin Valley. Additionally, nearly all local buses have bicycle racks, so you can combine your commute options and bicycle part way.

Interested in transit?
You can call any of the following transit providers for information on fares, routes and schedules. Or ask for your free copy of the Fresno County Transportation Guide, available through local transit operators, Fresno-Yosemite International Airport, Fresno Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, local city hall offices and Or access most of the guide information on-line at

Commuter Choice
Tax-Free Benefit Commuter Choice refers to recent changes in the Internal Revenue Code [26 USC 132 (f)] that permits employers to offer employees a tax-free benefit to commute to work by vanpool or public transit. There are several ways that employees may receive the benefit. For complete details about the Commuter Choice program see the Vanpooling section of this Commuter Options packet, visit the Federal Transit Administration’s website at and select Commuter Choice for further guidance or call for written information on the program.

Click here for a list of local transit providers and their telephone numbers.

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