Tips for A Successful Carpool

Tips for Successful Carpooling

Introductory Meeting:
Meet with your fellow carpooler(s) before the first trip to talk about schedules, personal preferences and costs.

Select pick-up and drop-off locations that are easily accessible and safe.

Set policies on issues such as the following:

  • Will there be smoking allowed?
  • What radio station should we listen to, if any?
  • Will there be eating and drinking allowed in the car?

Driving Schedules: 
Decide if you and your carpool partner(s) will alternate the driving responsibility and if so, what schedule you will use: daily, weekly, monthly?

Sharing Expenses: 
Determine what expenses will be included, how they will be divided and when they will be paid. Oftentimes, with a large group of carpoolers the driver gets a reduced rate or rides free.

What are you really paying?
Click here to visit AAA Your Driving Costs Brochure.

Decide in advance how long the driver will wait if someone is running late.

Establish the proper procedure for notifying your carpooling partner(s). Then, when you are unable to carpool on a scheduled day you will have a procedure to follow.

Do not honk for your passengers in the morning or make unscheduled stops for personal errands.

Car Maintenance:
Make sure your car is kept in proper and safe operating condition.

Traffic Laws: 
Drive safely, defensively and wear your seat belts. Remember- don’t text and drive!

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