Vanpool in the Central Valley is a great alternative to driving alone. It’s reliable, relaxing and economical!

Van pooling can save you money and your sanity! Why pay the expense of commuting alone when you could split the commuting expenses amongst a group of 7 to 15 people who live in the same community and work in the same general area you do. You will log fewer miles on your own vehicle, so you save on personal operating, maintenance and insurance costs.

Many times the total monthly cost of riding in a vanpool is equivalent to paying just the fuel bill for your own car. That means vanpooling adds up to huge savings for you!

Van pooling also helps save you time by turning your commute time into high-quality personal time. You can sleep, read, write letters, or put the finishing touches on that report you’ve been working on. Fewer vehicles on the road means reduced traffic congestion and improved air quality. When you consider all the true costs of driving alone, vanpooling equals real savings!

Conventional Vanpooling options 

Leased: A group of 7-15 commuters work with a vanpool leasing company to obtain a new model van with all of the modern conveniences. The group shares the responsibility of operating the van while the leasing company provides insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance. In exchange for services rendered, vanpool drivers often pay low or no fares and are entitled to 200 free personal miles on evenings and weekends.

Company-operated: An employer owns or leases the van and makes it available for employee commuting at a nominal cost. Usually limited by insurance restrictions to company employees and their spouses.