Commuter Vanpools

The Measure C Commuter Vanpool Program: offers a variety of subsidies and reimbursements to help ensure that commuters can reach their destinations safely by using a cost-effective alternative to a single-occupant vehicle. This program will help to improve our air quality and alleviate traffic congestion in Fresno County.

The Commuter Vanpool program is funded by the Measure “C” Extension, which is a 20-year, half-cent transportation sales tax, passed by Fresno County voters in November 2006. The program is designed to encourage, facilitate and help fund new vanpools and offer financial assistance to existing vanpools to ensure their viability.

To qualify for subsidies or reimbursements, new and existing vanpools must originate in Fresno County and have at least six riders and one driver. Vanpools also should operate at least five days per week, unless participants are working full-time on an alternate work schedule that requires fewer commuter days.

Subsidies & reimbursements for NEW commuter vanpools include:

  • Monthly subsidy of $600 for the first year; $300 for the second
  • Initial medical exams – up to $75 per driver (3 driver maximum)
  • Driver replacement costs up to $75 (3 driver maximum)
  • Emergency Ride Home Program (ERH) – $275 max for year
  • Primary driver incentives of up to $100 per rider (last month of the first year)
  • Parking permits/Costs up to $100 per month

Subsidies & reimbursements for EXISTING commuter vanpools include:.

  • Driver replacement costs will reimburse $75 of a new driver’s medical exam
  • Emergency Ride Home Program
  • Parking permits up to $100 per month
  • Reimbursement for vanpool voucher programs

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How do I Join A Vanpool?

About Measure C

Measure C is a Fresno County ½ cent transportation sales tax passed in 1986 that has generated over $1 billion into the local economy. Measure C was renewed in 2006 to fund local transportation programs through the year 2027 and it will raise over $1.7 billion locally, and qualify Fresno County for millions of dollars in matching State and Federal funds.

Vanpools are formed on a first-come, first-served basis. Formation depends completely on where interested commuters live and their work hours. If you have a group of 7 to 12 commuters from the same area of town who also share the same approximate work hours you may be good candidates for the formation of a new vanpool! Call (559) 441-7433 to discuss your options.

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