Ag Worker Vanpools

Measure C Ag Worker Vanpool Program: offers vouchers to help farm laborers pay for their transportation to various job sites when they ride in an approved Ag Worker Vanpool. Funds are available on a first-come first-serve basis until the program funds are exhausted. All groups interested in participating in the Ag Worker Vanpool Program are required to use an authorized vanpool provider or form an employer-sponsored vanpool. Owner-Operator vanpools are not eligible to receive these vouchers.

Measure “C” funds can subsidize Ag worker Vanpool programs that originate within Fresno County. These funds are designed to spark the development of new vanpools, offer financial support and assistance to existing vanpools, and increase vanpool ridership.

Eligible subsidies for Ag worker Vanpools include capital and operational expenses.  A weekly lease subsidy  pays $30 for each day of operation (not to exceed $150 in one week) for up to one year. This subsidy may be renewed on an annual basis.

Ag Worker Vanpool Subsidy is made possible by The 2006 Measure “C” Extension Expenditure Plan

The Measure was passed by voters in November 2006 and provides funds for the Ag Worker Vanpool Program. The program is designed to get commuters to their destinations safely, improve air quality, and provide a cost-effective alternative to the single occupant vehicle. The Measure C Ag Worker Vanpool Program is open to both public and private industry competition, as well as potential public/private partnerships.

To search for or join an Ag Worker van to join, click here.

For more information regarding the Ag Worker Vanpool Program, contact (559) 441-7433.


The Fresno Council of Governments (Fresno COG)  is seeking assistance from community-based organizations, etc., to implement diverse and extensive grassroots outreach to people throughout the valley who may qualify for subsidies in the Measure C AgWorker Vanpool  (AVP) program.  The program’s expected overall outcome goal is to double the current participation and ridership in the Measure C Ag-Worker Vanpool Program.Measure C is a half-cent sales tax passed by Fresno County voters in November 2006 to provide transportation improvement funding for a variety of program types.  It is managed by the Fresno County Transportation Authority (FCTA) while the Fresno Council of Governments (Fresno COG) does the planning and program implementation.  Approximately 0.6% of Measure C funding is provided to fund the Agricultural Worker Vanpool Program (formerly known as the Farmworker Vanpool Program) vanpools originating in Fresno County.  The program is designed to get commuters to their destinations safely, improve air quality, and provide a cost-effective alternative to the single occupant vehicle.  The program offers financial assistance to new and existing vanpools.If you are interested in assisting Fresno COG with the Measure C AVP public outreach, please respond with a letter of interest and completed proposal by no later than Monday, February 5, 2018 at 12:00 noon.  No applications will be received after this date and time.  Please see page 4 of the RFP for instructions on submitting your proposal and for a time schedule of other important and pertinent dates.

Ag Worker RFP