Emergency Ride Home

What about emergencies?

At one time or another, almost everyone has to leave work early. Your company may have or want to develop a Guaranteed Ride Home program to deal with this situation. Some employers keep vehicles available or offer a rental car or a taxi. You might be able to catch a ride with another employee leaving at a similar time. Your existing vanpool might also qualify for the Valleyrides.com Emergency Ride Home Program if your trip destination is to Fresno County. If you are interested in learning more about the Emergency Ride Home Program, please download the information and complete the application. All applications should be returned to your approved vanpool provider. You should always be aware of your options in case of a family emergency or unexpected overtime.

Valleyrides.com can help your group of potential vanpoolers by:

  • Identifying leasing companies
  • Helping you locate potential riders —
  • Identifying replacement riders as needed –we sometimes get requests or notification of riders needed
  • Getting the vanpool started–providing advice and materials to make the process easier

Call (559) 441-7433 for more detailed information.

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