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Are you looking for better mobility options? Valleyrides is a suite of innovative rideshare programs brought to you by Measure C designed to meet Central Valley travelers' unique needs. Getting started is easy, fast and free!

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We’re here to help you find rideshare options, while breathing easy, feeling good and saving money. Our programs are designed for your convenience, taking the guesswork out of ridesharing.

Select the program that best fits your lifestyle!

The new and improved Measure C Rideshare Incentive Programs are sure to fit seamlessly into any lifestyle. Learn more by clicking the informational bubbles below.

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Ready to save time and money on your travels? Say goodbye to traffic and parking woes with our public ride sharing service. 
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I gave up driving because of my eyes, which is a lifesaver. Thank you - I was spending a lot on taxis before I came of age to use this program. This has saved me so much money.

Senior Scrip Participant
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It is so wonderful to have Senior Scrip for rides to the airport. I am now the sole driver for the two of us, so we expect to use Senior Scrip for doctor's appointments, too. Thank you!

Senior Scrip Participant

Vanpooling is easy, convenient and allows me to save on gas and parking fees. It's also a great way to meet new people who live or work near you. Highly recommended!

VanPerks Participant

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