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Developed to provide ride-sharing incentives to commuters, the CarPerks Program is a win-win for the environment and commuters. The program is open to Carpool participants who rideshare to or from locations throughout Fresno County and are 18 years and older. Participants must have their Carpool either start and/or end in Fresno County. If your Carpool meets the requirement, you qualify to enter a “Commute Log” and receive “Commute Points.” The more times you rideshare and submit a Commute Log, the more Commute Points you receive.

Commute Logs represent the trip(s) you rideshare with someone by Carpooling. For your Commute Log to qualify as a part of the Measure C Point Program, you must enter the following information:

Departure and arrival time
Departure and return time
Mode of travel

You will receive one point per rideshare trip if all information is entered correctly. That means if you rideshare from your car's designated parking lot to work and return to that parking lot, you receive two points. For every Commute Log submitted and meets the requirements, automatically convert and count towards the Measure C Point Program.

Find a rideshare buddy! is a secure and confidential ride-matching service. You control the information you want to provide. Registration is simple. Just provide your email address along with your starting point and destination information, and your standard work or class schedule. will then provide you with a match list of compatible commuters that have also expressed an interest in ride-sharing and are registered with this service. For a guide on how to register, login, and find or join carpools, visit the links below:

How to registerPlanning a trip Finding and joining carpools

Rules and Eligibility:
When a Commute Log is submitted electronically through Valleyrides from a registered participant, you are given points for that rideshare commute. If you rideshare to and from a location, you are given 2 Commute Points. For example, if you rideshare to and from work Monday through Friday, you are awarded 10 points. The more often you rideshare, the quicker you generate Commute Points. Each participant has the same number of potential Commute Log submissions as anyone else throughout the year.

  • All participants have until the last day of each month at midnight to enter logs to be counted for the winning month.
  • To be eligible to redeem your prize, you must have complete, correct account information within Valleyrides and submitted to Valleyrides staff if asked.
  • The selection process is fair, anonymous, affordable and efficient.
  • Employees of Ride Amigos, Fresno County Transportation Authority, Measure C staff and their immediate families are not allowed to participate in the Measure C Carpool Program.

Tips for Carpool Success:
Successful Carpooling and Vanpooling starts with you!

  • Introduce yourself to your other car/vanpoolers before the first ride!
  • Find a location that is easily met for everyone.
  • Set boundaries and rules.
  • Will there be smoking allowed?
  • What radio station should we listen to, if any?
  • Will there be eating and drinking allowed in the car?
  • Will there be alternating drivers, and if so, when do we trade drivers?
  • Will you share expenses relating to the Driver’s car?
  • Click here to visit AAA Your Driving Costs Brochure.
  • What are the rules if someone is running late?
  • What happens if someone cannot make it that day or the driver calls out sick?

Be courteous to the passengers and driver.
Maintain your car before issues arise and impact the carpool. Obey the traffic rules, remember to drive safely and defensively, and wear your seat belts. Remember, don’t text and drive!

For Employers
Interested Employers who wish to learn more about services either similar or partnering with Valleyrides, contact staff at

Commuter Choice Tax Benefit
Tax-Free Benefit Commuter Choice refers to the Internal Revenue Code [26 USC 132 (f)] that permits employers to offer employees a tax-free benefit to commute to work by vanpool or public transit. There are several ways that employees may receive the benefit. Visit this link for complete details about the Commuter Choice program.

Best Workplaces for Commuters
Best Workplaces for Commuters (BWC) is an innovative membership program that provides qualified employers with national recognition and an elite designation for offering outstanding commuter benefits. Employers and developments that meet the National Standard of Excellence in commuter benefits can be on the Best Workplaces for Commuters list. We're passionate about helping workplaces improve their performance of commuter programs via listserv to foster peer-to-peer exchanges, FAQs, employer case studies, webinars and other resources.

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