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VanPerks Program is open to commuters who rideshare from locations throughout Fresno County and are 18 years and older. Participants must have their Vanpool start in Fresno County, have a total of 7 riders (including 1 driver), and be with an authorized vanpool Vendor. If your Vanpool meets the requirement, you can qualify to enter a “Commute Log” and receive “Commute Points.” The more times you rideshare and submit a Commute Log, the more Commute Points you receive.

Commute Logs represent the trip(s) you rideshare with someone by Vanpooling. For your Commute Log to qualify as a part of the Measure C Point Program, you must enter the following information:

Departure and arrival time
Departure and return time
Mode of travel

You will receive one point per rideshare trip if all information is entered correctly. That means if you rideshare from your van's designated parking lot to work and return to that parking lot, you receive two points. For every Commute Log submitted and meets the requirements, automatically convert and count towards the Measure C Point Program.

Ag Worker Vanpool Program:

Provides subsidies and reimbursements to help agricultural workers pay for their transportation to various job sites when they ride in an approved Ag Worker Vanpool.

Measure “C” funds can subsidize Ag worker Vanpool programs that originate within Fresno County, have at least 7 riders (including 1 driver), and be with an authorized vanpool Vendor. These funds are designed to spark the development of new vanpools, offer financial support and assistance to existing vanpools, and increase vanpool ridership.

Eligible subsidies for Ag worker Vanpools include a weekly lease subsidy that pays $150 per week, up to one year. This subsidy may be renewed on an annual basis. All groups interested in participating in the Ag Worker Vanpool Program are required to use an authorized vanpool provider or form an employer-sponsored vanpool. Owner-Operator vanpools are not eligible to receive these subsidies.

The Ag Worker Vanpool Subsidy was made possible by the 2006 Measure C Extension Expenditure Plan passed by voters in November 2006.

For more information, contact CalVans at (559) 852 – 2711.

Ag Worker Vanpool passenger applications:

Instructions: Download these forms, save them to your computer, and then use the preset, fillable spaces to type out your information. Or you may print the forms, handwrite your information and mail the forms to Fresno COG:

English Ag Worker Vanpool Passenger Form
Spanish Ag Worker Vanpool Passenger Form

Ag Worker Eligibility and Subsidy Criteria:

Ag Worker Vanpool Eligibility Criteria and Subsidy (2022)

For more information, contact CalVans at (559) 852-2711.

Find a rideshare buddy! is a secure and confidential ride-matching service. You control the information you want to provide. Registration is simple. Just provide your email address along with your starting point and destination information, and your standard work or class schedule. will then provide you with a match list of compatible commuters that have also expressed an interest in ride-sharing and are registered with this service. For a guide on how to register, login, and find or join carpools, visit the links below:

How to registerPlanning a tripFinding and joining carpools

Rules and Eligibility:
When a Commute Log is submitted electronically through Valleyrides from a registered participant, you are given points for that rideshare commute. If you rideshare to and from a location, you are given 2 Commute Points. For example, if you rideshare to and from work Monday through Friday, you are awarded 10 points. The more often you rideshare, the quicker you generate Commute Points. Each participant has the same number of potential Commute Log submissions as anyone else throughout the year.

  • All participants have until the last day of each month at midnight to enter logs to be counted for the winning month.
  • To be eligible to redeem your prize, you must have complete, correct account information within Valleyrides and submitted to Valleyrides staff if asked.
  • The selection process is fair, anonymous, affordable and efficient.
  • Employees of Ride Amigos, Fresno County Transportation Authority, Measure C staff and their immediate families are not allowed to participate in the Measure C Carpool Program.

Vanpool Resourcesing

All about Vanpooling

Vanpooling will make your work and personal life easier! You save money by splitting the cost of everyday use between your vanpool (which can be anywhere from 7 to 14 other people). Less maintenance cost on your own personal vehicle and increase the longevity of your vehicle.

Increasing gas prices have made Vanpooling an attractive feature of Commuters' daily life. No longer will you have to use your own personal vehicle and Vanpooling has also opened the option to turn your Commute into personal time. Read a book, listen to music or a podcast, talk with your other vanpool members or sleep.

Fewer vehicles on the road means reduced traffic congestion and improved air quality.

To begin Vanpooling, you can go through two options:

Leased: A group of seven to 15 commuters works with a vanpool leasing company to obtain a new model van with modern conveniences. The group shares responsibility for the operation of the van, while the leasing company provides insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance. In exchange for services rendered, vanpool drivers often pay low or no fares and are entitled to 200 free personal miles on evenings and weekends.

Company-operated: An employer owns or leases the van and makes it available for employee commuting at a nominal cost, usually limited by insurance restrictions to company employees and their spouses.

Download the Commuter Vanpool Application Here: Commuter Vanpool Passenger Form
Download the Commuter Vanpool Subsidies Application Here: Commuter Vanpool Eligibility Criteria

Vanpool Companies
CalVans —
Commute with Enterprise -

How do I borrow or lease a Van to start Vanpooling?
Lease: Between 7 to 15 potential Vanpoolers work with a vanpool leasing company to receive a van. This group will then share the responsibility of operating the van. One individual from this Vanpool must also drive the Van itself in exchange for a lowered lease cost. The company you lease the Van from will provide insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance.

Company-operated: An employer owns or leases the van and makes it available for employee commuting at a nominal cost. Usually limited by insurance restrictions to company employees and their spouses.

Emergency Ride Home
What about if I have an emergency, but I don’t have a vehicle? Emergencies are unpredictable and can happen. For Vanpoolers who lease a Van from either CalVans or Commute with Enterprise, you can use the “Emergency Ride Home Program.” For more details, contact your van’s leasing agent.

Commuter Vanpool Subsidies
The Measure C Commuter Vanpool Subsidy Program offers healthy subsidies and a variety of expense reimbursements to help ensure that commuters reach their destinations safely using a cost-effective alternative to driving alone. This program will help improve air quality and alleviate traffic congestion in Fresno County.

The Commuter Vanpool program is funded by the Measure “C” Extension, which is a 20-year, half-cent transportation sales tax passed by Fresno County voters in November 2006.

To qualify for subsidies or reimbursements, new and existing vanpools must originate in Fresno County and have at least six riders and one driver. Vanpools should also operate at least five days per week unless participants work full-time on an alternate work schedule requiring fewer commuter days.

Subsidies reimbursements for NEW and existing Commuter vanpools include:

  • Monthly subsidy of $600 for a NEW vanpool or $300 for an EXISTING vanpool
  • Initial medical exams – up to $100 per driver (3 driver maximum)
  • Driver replacement-new drivers’ medical exams for NEW vanpools – up to $100 per driver (an additional three drivers maximum)
  • Emergency Ride Home Program (ERH)
  • Primary driver incentives of up to $100 per rider (last month of the first year) (at the end of 1st year, excluding the driver)
  • Parking permits/Costs up to $100 per month
  • “If you have a group of at least seven commuters from the same area of town who also share the same approximate work hours, you may be good candidates for forming a new vanpool!”

How do I join a vanpool? Commuter Vanpool General Program Information
Are you eligible to apply for the funds? Vanpool Passenger Form

Vanpool formation depends entirely on where interested commuters live and work and what hours they work or attend school. If you have a group of seven to 12 commuters from the same area of town who share the same approximate work hours, you may be good candidates for forming a new vanpool! Call (559) 441-7433 to discuss your options.

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